Goelz Family Beach Session

I love when one of my clients schedule their session on the beach! Its refreshing, organic, and so much fun. We scheduled the session at the Manasquan Inlet and I had a blast running after these kiddos and being able to catch some sweet moments between this family. It was a great session, not only cause we were on the beach having so much fun, but it was the exact spot where this crazy couple were engaged and had their pictures first taken. So special to bring the whole family to update family portraits and create new memories for the year.




Erica Haller Photography Workshop

Just recently I started looking around to find a Newborn workshop. Something that wouldn’t have me driving an hour or so away, and with someone who I inspired to be one day. Luckily after some searching I came across Erica Haller Photography. I adore her work! After a couple of emails she and I set up a two on one workshop for Newborn Photography. It was two great days of learning, experiencing, and doing what I love. Erica herself, is very talented, professional, and such a sweet soul. Her studio had a great vibe, and was comfortable to learn and work in. I highly recommend Erica Haller Photography’s Newborn work shop to anyone looking to continue their education in Newborn photography, or are starting out and need a wonderful mentor and guidance. Thank you Erica for all the memories, new experiences, and mentoring that you have given me!


Sitter Session with James

I first met this little guy during the holidays. Him and mommy came in for a Holiday Mini session. I fell hard as soon as he looked at me. Those eyes!! What gorgeous eyes! Such a good baby during his mini. He slept, he peered out of his prop, and he literally posed. Very happy to have him and his family back in the studio for his sitter session. Can’t get enough of him! Happy 6 Months James!

Avery Rose

This sweet little rose bud couldn’t wait to meet her family! She was welcomed into the world three weeks early and one of the tiniest little things I have ever seen. So sweet, and so beautiful, I couldn’t get enough of her delicate face or beauty. She rocked her newborn session and slept so peacefully  the whole time. Angel is literally the only word that comes to mind when describing this babe. Looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Connor October Session

Sometimes I lose myself and when I go to catch up I end up not picking up pace as to where I left off. So let me introduce this sweet little pumpkin to you! This is Connor. He was in last October and mommy wanted him in his own little pumpkin for the session. So that is just what happened! Loved how these turned out and how oh so mushy little Connor was in it nestled up. After a cute pumpkin set up we quickly took this sleeping babe straight over to his holiday set up where we dressed him up in the reindeer outfit that was brought for him. Adorable all the way around!

Helena’s Baptism Session

Virgina has been a long time customer of mine. She is the sweetest momma and one of the hardest working woman out there. When she asked me to take Helena’s Baptism pictures I was excited to get my hands on her! She is so cute and has such a sweet face. I couldn’t stop cuddling her during the session. I enjoy watching all the baby’s that come through my door grow up in front of me and my lens. I wanted to capture the essence of the moment and make it as fresh and pure as possible for Virgina. I loved creating this easy set up for Helena and watching her come alive in front of it.


Princess Ansley

It was a great pleasure meeting Ashley and her family. They are actually in NJ for a couple of months due to business before they head home to PA.  Ashley reached out and scheduled a newborn session with me and brought Ansley right in hot out of the hospital. At 4 days old she is my youngest client to date. Such a sweet girl who loved her pacifier. Anytime I tried to take it away after positioning her she would smack her lips which would  make her fuss until she started crying. I was actually throwing around in my head how much work it would be to photoshop that pacifier out! I will admit though, the smacking of those little lips was the cutest thing ever to watch, and a little bit of me was disappointed when she actually ended up not doing it. We ended up getting so many great styles in

cause of what a great little model she was.