A new bundle of joy for the Ehmann Family!

Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting Erin and Zack Ehmann and their adorable little bundle of joy, Bradley! Brad was such a great baby thru his whole session. I don’t think I have ever had a newborn session run that smoothly EVER! Erin and Zack aren’t only full of joy and happiness but they are some lucky new parents 😉 Bradley is just the cutest and his little outfits that mama picked out for him made my job so easy and delightful…..cause I can’t resist fresh, sweet, tiny, cute babies in super cute outfits! Congratulations to the Ehmann Family on the new addition! Wishing you all happiness, growth, and love. Bradley Ehmann, born March 29, 2015, weighing 7cute pounds, and 7cuddly ounces.

Welcome Anna Teresa Malinovsky

Debbie and Igor had their sweet angel and she decided to arrive to them right on Christmas! Born 12/25/2015 at 3:04 pm and weighing 8.1 lbs she was welcomed into the world with love. What a great gift for mommy and daddy. Life will never be the same….and neither will the holidays 😉

Splendidly Framed

As a photographer, being creative and thinking outside of the box is part of the job. So in my spare time I found myself getting artsy and crafty with a couple of photo frames. It all started when I decided to participate in a silent auction. I wanted something more to display this photography certificate in and I thought if I put together a creative handcrafted frame that it would stand out and be worth auctioning off a bit more. I liked how it came out. Then came the good old gift certificate. I wanted more then just to sell them and stuff them in an envelope. I am a photographer! What do you do with your photos? You a) put them on social media for everyone to love and like and you b) display them in your home so that you can love and like them 🙂 So there it was! Make a nice little decorative, slightly personalized frame and fill it with not a picture yet, but the gift certificate. The certificates look amazing in something that looked like it was made just for the receiver. Plus they had a frame for their pictures after our session! Then started the obsession. I couldn’t stop! It was frame after frame, and so came Splendidly Framed. After looking around and seeing all my frames I knew that I had to share and sell them off. Please take a look at my etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/splendidlyframed?ref=hdr_shop_menu Also follow me on Instgram to see the next newly made frame https://www.instagram.com/splendidly_framed/ I will make personalized and customized frames for you for any occasion.

Debbie & Igor’s Fall Maternity Session

Debbie is such a dear friend of mine, I have literally known her for more then half of my life. That’s a long time for a girl that grew up in a military family and moved around every four years. So Deb is more like a sister to me and knows all of my ins and outs and still loves and accepts me for it all. I was so honored when her and her hubby Igor came to me and asked me to do their maternity pictures. Debbie was simply glowing in the most gorgeous light I had ever seen her in. It was sheer happiness and excitement for the next page in her book. Looking forward to getting our munchkins together in the future!

Welcome Ella Arminio

My friends Jen and Dave are not only friends, but family! I love them all including their gorgeous new addition. Welcome Ella Arminio! She is now 9 months old and I am waiting patiently to take those super cute first birthday pictures, but I just love her new born session and all the love and sweetness that came with it!

Caitlyn’s First Birthday

The Long’s have been great friends for a long time, so it gives me much joy and pleasure to be able to document their family’s milestones! Kim called and asked me to take her sweet daughter, Caitlyn’s First Birthday pictures and I of course said YES! Caitlyn is such a curious, independent, and happy little lady it made our time together easy and special. I just can’t get enough of her smile or the Watermelon theme that mommy picked!

Monthly Baby Pictures of Jacob

Having Jacob filled a huge void of not working in the last year. Whenever I could I had the camera on him. I have so many pictures it’s not funny. If I didn’t have the camera on him it was my phone snapping away. He has grown up with me sticking something in his face to capture every second he lives for nearly his whole life now. I kinda feel bad, but not when I get to look back on these monthly pictures, which I adore and cherish constantly.