Front Porch Project

It’s true, when the pandemic first hit the future for my studio looked bleak. People were losing their jobs, child care and schooling stopped, and no one could get together without a mask or a 6 foot distance. As much as I believe that everyone needs photography in their life, and I encourage clients to buy DSLR’s, professional photography is a luxury. It’s expensive and if you do own your own camera it’s not always necessary. Sessions are saved for special occasions, or for people who can afford to come in whenever they want. Sometimes kids don’t cooperate and parents don’t want to spend money and have to deal with the anxiety and stress. Whatever the case, me and every other photographer in the world was out of business indefinitely. So what did I do?? With everyone needing help and support I put myself to work to help others! It was the moment to step up and give back. Not only to my clients who have always supported me and been JMS Photography’s legs and backbone, but to our favorite human society park/zoo, Popcorn Park Zoo. The zoo takes in and adopts exotic animals from all over who needs a home and food. They have lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, horses, and deer to name a few. The zoo sent out a few pleas asking for donations and breaking down the cost of food just alone for their lions. My heart broke. Not only was every single family being affected in the world but these poor animals were going down with the ship too! That’s when I realized donating sessions to families to document this crazy time while collecting a donation from them for the zoo would be a great thing! We are all in this together, right? Not only was I able to donate and help the park that my kids and I love but I got out to do what I love best! Capture people in the moment. Just wanted to share some great images which were taken from a far and safe distance with a mask on. Hoping everyone is staying safe and keeping clean!

Valeria’s Cake Smash Session

I can’t let the year go by without sharing this beauties cake smash session. I have the pleasure of watching Valeria grow up and I just can’t get enough of this beautiful sweet girl! What a great session!


JMS Photography is moving! Moving to Colts Neck this January. The studio will be bigger and better and will be fit to accommodate waiting children, nursing moms, and anyone that needs a cup of coffee or a snack. Looking forward to opening our doors this February! Great grand opening deals on the way with a free session give away soon. Come back for all the details.

Santa Mini Sessions 2019

I just can’t share these enough. They are so magical, and so tender. From all the happy faces, to all the not so happy faces, everyone created a special moment. Not to mention Jim might just be THE BEST Santa out there. Not only does Jim live and breath being Santa from October into late December, but he works well with the camera. Such a fresh breath of air to work with someone who wants the same thing as you do. Here is to hoping everyone has a very magical and unforgettable holiday season!

Luca’s Newborn Session

Our family is absolutely complete! It’s busy and its a bit hectic and with the news of us moving to Colts Neck I wonder how I can do it all, but it gets done! I can’t skip over showing off my little man though. So blessed to have him here and with us. His session was one of my absolute favorite and I enjoyed every minute of capturing him in this moment.

Fall Mini Sessions 2019

First time I booked some fall mini sessions, and I am not going to lie….I LOVED them! I loved everything about them. The weather, the colors, the clothing that came out of hiding, and everyone gearing up for Halloween. So happy that I offered these this year and I am thinking that they just might be a must for next year as well! Thank you everyone that came out for some fall portraits and memory making moments.

Published Photographer!!!

What a dream come true this is! Hard work paying off. Not only was I published in Shutter Scene Magazine once for my little mans newborn session, but twice for my Santa Mini Sessions. Thank you Shutter Scene! If that wasn’t enough to complete a 2019 goal, JMS Photography went on to also be published in Kids Model Magazine, thanks to one of my little fall models, Ava.  Three times a charm!

Seasonal Mini Seasons

It’s that time of year again!! With everything going on with me lately, I’ve decided to combined fall minis and Holiday minis together and create Seasonal Minis. Please check back soon for upcoming details and booking info.