Big News For JMS Photography

I let the cat out of the bag on most social media, but in case you haven’t heard, or you’ve been wondering where I am……we are pregnant! Expecting little man #2 on July 1st! Everyone is excited and buckling down for the house full of testosterone that I am creating over here! Big Brother and I went into the studio to document the moment of wait for us. I can’t get enough of my son already, I don’t know what it is going to do to my heart when there are two cuties running around.



Helena’s First Birthday Portraits

I love when I get to watch my littlest clients grow up. I get excited when they walk in the door, and I get even more excited to watch them enjoy their sessions. I have had the honor of being their for many of Helena’s special moments and was honored and excited to be there to help document her turning one. So full of personality, and a girl that knows what she wants! She is fearless, beautiful, and above all such a sweet girl. Happy First Helena!

Darling Baby Abigail

I am truly the most humbled person ever! Not only do I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I love the most, but I am fortunate enough to have clients who love my work travel hours away just for a session. I am blessed and honored. Abigail, took a two hour drive to come in for her studio session, and it’s been one of my favorites! Pretty little girl, and mommy had the most amazing outfits ever. Loved everything about this girly girl theme, from the crowns, the carriage, the wings, and tutus, and merbaby outfit!


Alexa’ Cake Smash

Nothing like a good old fashioned cake smash! I love decorating, and planning. It’s great to see it all come together and how happy your client is when they walk in the door to celebrate/capture a milestone such as the first birthday. I feel so absolutely privileged to be the one to set things up, and capture the first moments of it. It’s a true honor in it’s self. I have had the pleasure of knowing Alexa since she was a newborn and I have been lucky enough to watch her grow in her first year.


Happy 1st Birthday Alexa! Wishing so much love and good fortune for the years ahead baby girl.

Emine’s Baptism

I love getting the studio ready for a special moment! When sweet Emine’s mommy reached out to me about her baptism, I knew exactly what I wanted her images to look like! The sweetest of faces, and the cutest personality, Emine, came, saw, and conquered her session. Looking forward to seeing more of this precious girl in the future.


Goelz Family Beach Session

I love when one of my clients schedule their session on the beach! Its refreshing, organic, and so much fun. We scheduled the session at the Manasquan Inlet and I had a blast running after these kiddos and being able to catch some sweet moments between this family. It was a great session, not only cause we were on the beach having so much fun, but it was the exact spot where this crazy couple were engaged and had their pictures first taken. So special to bring the whole family to update family portraits and create new memories for the year.



Erica Haller Photography Workshop

Just recently I started looking around to find a Newborn workshop. Something that wouldn’t have me driving an hour or so away, and with someone who I inspired to be one day. Luckily after some searching I came across Erica Haller Photography. I adore her work! After a couple of emails she and I set up a two on one workshop for Newborn Photography. It was two great days of learning, experiencing, and doing what I love. Erica herself, is very talented, professional, and such a sweet soul. Her studio had a great vibe, and was comfortable to learn and work in. I highly recommend Erica Haller Photography’s Newborn work shop to anyone looking to continue their education in Newborn photography, or are starting out and need a wonderful mentor and guidance. Thank you Erica for all the memories, new experiences, and mentoring that you have given me!