I love these little guys! I have been coming home and eating one a day. So when I was peeling it I decieded to put it out infront of all the other ones. This isn’t the best picture ever but I like the representation of it. Something most of us are not is naked and […]


I bet you can’t guess what time I took this?? I have seen this done much better, but I am just too dang lazy too get my arse up stairs and too an alarm clock. So I used my oven clock. Not my best but it’s still kinda cool. This is caused when you use […]


I hate to do it too ya, but yet ANOTHER pool table shot! Not really the table, but it’s balls…….lol, sorry. Some times I walk aimlessly around looking for a subject to shoot and today was one of those days 🙂 When I couldn’t find anything I found myself in the conservatory taking more pictures […]


Today was another gorgeous day, and then rain. Can’t complain since this is the driest April I think we have had in a while 🙂 I went over to my friends house after work to take some pictures of her adorable daughter! She just might be the cutest kid I have ever seen. I know […]


I have to take care of myself before anything else, so yesterday just didn’t happen for 109. I did make sure to supply two photos for today! It was gorgeous all day. Sun and blue skies, then out of no where we got a storm that has lasted into the night. When I got home […]