So we got home today and I had so much too do. I wanted to vaccum and do the laundry, unpack and of course make dinner……Carol, I know what you are thinking 🙂 I wasn’t even thinking about my project when I looked out the kitchen window and saw the last of the sun setting. […]


Sorry to everyone who had to wait an extra day, but I did not fail you! I did in fact take a picture yesterday. I did take that picture in RAW format though and I could not transform it into a JPEG too get on here:-) Lance and I were up north at our friends, […]


So I got home late and I didn’t know what to do for todays project, until Lance suggested that I take a picture of the faucet. He even set up the whole set! I really liked how this picture came out and decided to make this the picture of the day.


These are our new coasters. We bought them because of course they have “S” on them, but I really do like the design! I wanted to try and make the S part of the coaster stand out….cause that’s the cool part, so I put my set up in a dark hallway and threw some light […]


So I have heard the snow is coming! It makes me think about being stuck inside with hot chocolate:-) So I thought I would take a picture of a huge staple in my snow days.


It rained here all day. I had quite a few picture ideas in mind, but I wanted to really take a picture of the new lilies that Lance and I bought for the house. Now I have never had a green thumb. Actually every plant that has come through our house has died. We even […]


So today I wanted to give my friend Jen’s idea a try:-) She gave me the idea of shooting the car interior. I really like how the dashboard light hits the steering wheel! There is something about the inside of a car. The sleek, rich look of it. I can almost smell that new car […]