So my friend Debbie drove down last night and has been here all weekend with me. After getting our shop on this afternoon we agreed she would be my photo of the day! I miss her and I am happy we got some time together. Thank you Deb! You are gorgeous and by the way….that […]


I almost forgot about my picture! I cleaned all day and my friend Deb is over. Forgive me if this wasn’t the greatest but this candle has been lit almost all day. It smells glorious and it was the only thing on my mind when I thought of taking a picture 🙂


So today was the Wolf Moon. It is suppose to be the time when the moon is at its brightest and closest too earth. I figured that this would be intense! I love those moons where you can actually look right up at them and feel like you could just grab them out of the […]

Wolf Moon in Effect!

Tonight I am going to take my precious canon outside in the 20 degree temps too try and get a picture of this full moon. This isn’t JUST a full moon, but it is suppose to be the closest and brightest. I have been dieing to get a great shot of the moon and well, […]


I am strapped for ideas! I am taking requests:-) I think I am going to start doing themed weeks so that I can atleast keep within a theme. So after being on the phone with my sister and brother in law, they requested that I take a picture of my phone. At first I didn’t […]


To day is HUMP DAY! We have left the bad behind and are looking forward too the good’ol weekend. Wednesday always reminds me of the black and white, the mixture of the ying and the yang. Half done, Half through. So that is why I wanted my project picture to be a black and white. […]


I am sore. I have been coming home, working out, showering, cooking and then getting down with Project 365. I am actually proud of myself for getting my booty in gear and finding myself on the treadmill and eating healthier. While jogging I started thinking about what I wanted to capture. Then I looked over […]